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January 16, 2017  

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:: what are your favorite goodthings?
Reader Monica of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, writes that "seeing the moon" is one of her favorite goodthings... [more]

:: Looking In, Looking Out
by Jen Chapin
In this personal testimonial, a woman considers her life's dual challenge. How can one invoke the internal emotion required to write good songs while maintaining the external vision to make a difference in the world? In other words, can you feed your soul and feed the world? [more]

Favorite GoodThings 2002
The year's 20 honorees extraordinary ideas, actions, and organizations helping create a better world

:: Good Gravy
Good Gravy What's your Good Gravy? We want your top ten!
Good Paper Greeting Cards 110 ways to connect!

:: Breaking the Silence
Fighting poverty Alarmed by recent reports of the toll of HIV and AIDS on the young girls of the Caribbean, a woman with a passion for film dedicates its transformative power to tackling the crisis. [more]

:: Gifts from the Soul
Great ideas The holiday season is a time of anticipation. But what is it we're waiting for? One woman shares her own ritual for changing holiday expectations: her gifts give something back. [more]

Constructive news from the world grabs archive
For the past couple of years, we've found our favorite positive or constructive pieces of world news and have featured them here as our Good Grabs of the week. If you have a positive headline to suggest, please let us know!

The automobile industry's shifting paradigm
Hybrid cars going mainstream?

Alternatives to oil
Drive to Survive 2003
(Institute of Ecolonomics)
[still more] (New York Times)

Asking important questions
Reclaiming our courage
( -- Working Assets)

Mandela's wisdom
Peace is made with enemies
(Cape Cod Times)

Personal passions
Woman's bid to break AIDS cycle
(BBC World News)

The power of words
The human factor: What makes our species unique?
(Boston Globe)

New human-interest stories on public radio
The Next Big Thing

Did we miss a good grab? Let us know!

The GoodThings Archives

GoodLetter Back Issues! our weekly e-magazine

Good Stories
Short stories with wisdom, compassion, and wonder.

Good Work
Constructive ideas for workplace change.

Good Actions
Articles about and ways to support important non-profits and causes.

Good People
Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Good Gravy
Entertainment to read about and buy.

I just subscribed to the GoodThings GoodLetter, and I am a big fan! The power of even just a little good news really is amazing.
--Liza, Pennsylvania, USA

The GoodThings e-zine (the GoodLetter) is one of the best that I have had the good fortune to find. You are insightful, thoughtful, and inspiring without imposing values and thoughts on anyone. I think your site is wonderful, and I hope it is around for a long time.
--Karen Kinswater, Didsbury, Alberta, Canada

Thank you so much for making my day! Your Web site was such a gift to me. I found it totally by accident, and it really made me search for the beauty in the world. Thank you so much for creating a totally positive space you can go to, day or night.
--Emma Davis, Gauteng, South Africa

My heart has been truly warmed by coming across your site today. The power of positivity is something that cannot be underestimated. Many, many thanks for all your efforts!
--Mei-Ling Leong, Mountain View, California, USA

Congratulations on your wonderful publication. I have basically stopped reading newspapers and watching TV news, as it mostly shows the darker side of humanity and does nothing except put me in a very negative space. Thank you, thank you for GoodThings! We need more of this.
--Denise Burkhart, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

In a day and age of computer games, genocides, loss of human communication and feeling, violence (juvenile, street or sport), and family breakdown, it is wonderful to see that someone still cares for the really important values in life. Thanks to you all.
--Frank Oldrich, Santander, Spain

As a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers, I'm always on the lookout for ways to connect with the outside world and other adults. Your Web site will be a positive resource for me.
--Dawn Meyer, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

For a Hollywood facing a possible writers' strike and a public that by then may be awash in the dark side of reality, GoodThings[' "I Want My GoodTV" campaign] might have good timing.
--Kay McFadden, Seattle Times Columnist

Your site is delicious!
--Tracy Lykins, Seattle, Washington, USA

Probably the best thing about GoodThings is that it has a practical 'here's how to make a difference in the real world' tone.
--Frank Catalano, KCPQ Tech Editor, Q13 Reports @Ten

So much on the internet is over-the-top, in-your-face entertainment. GoodThings is full of warm, user-friendly content depicting the good in people, life and community. After enjoying a few of GoodThings' stories, I am ready to go do some 'good things' myself.
--Chris Lohman, Seattle, Washington, USA

GoodThings is just that: the little nuggets that good friends share with one another. I often forward the newsletter to my friends and colleagues because it seems the folks who support GoodThings like the same things I do. It's like my own personal gold mine of good nuggets.
--Sandi, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

I look forward to reading the GoodLetter every time it comes. It lets me know that there is some light out there in the gloom. It also reminds me to keep working on generating my own light and gives me hope. Thanks for all your hard work.
--Carol, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

I was pleasantly surprised to find your site, and I am quite excited about the possibilities of such an effort. I happened upon the site during work one day. Feeling a little down, I decided to type words in the web browser that expressed how I was feeling or what I wanted to see (e.g., "good things"). It was almost as if I was asking the computer for answers to my questions.
--Denise, California, USA

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